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Zeo Sleep Coach is a tool that aids in achieving a good sleep, or a sleep device, which, with coaching, should achieve a rejuvenating and restorative sleep.  With Zeo Sleep Coach you can monitor the improvements of your sleep, with data indicating how long and how well you slept.

Products of Zeo Sleep Coach:

 The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, which includes:

  • Lightweight Zeo headband, with wireless software sensors
  • Zeo bedside display, for sleep data and daily ZQ score
  • SD Card and USB Card Reader, for data uploading to your PC or Mac
  • SmartWake Alarm Option
  • Online sleep analysis tools (Sleep Trend Graphs (to track total, light, deep and REM sleep), ZQ Breakdown Chart (to determine sleep score factors), Online Sleep Journal (to record sleep patterns for analysis), Cause and Effect tool (to determine causes of sleep disturbance), and Introductory Sleep Fitness Assessment (for analysis of baseline sleep patterns)).
  • One year warranty
  • Current price is $199.00 

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach plus Guided Coaching:

  • This option includes all the features of the first product listed above, and the added benefits of unlimited access to guided coaching, which includes:
  1. The 7 step Sleep Fitness Program (which has been developed by leading sleep scientists).
  2. Regular sleep fitness assessments (which compares sleep improvements against goals and age group).
  3. Personal email coaching
  • There is also a one year supply of replacement SoftWave sensors (3 sensors included).
  • Warranty of two years.
  • Current price is $299.00 

Check regularly for pricing.

Zeo Sleep Coach: What makes it different?
  • Zeo Sleep Coach is not limited to being some sort of an alarm system in waking you up at the ideal time.  More importantly, it is a program that seeks to improve overall sleep patterns.  It is a platform where expert advice can be utilized to developed strategies at improving sleep. As Barbara P, a retired physical therapist from Helena MT, shares about the improvement of sleep quality and duration: “I have not felt this good in a long, long time.  I feel awake.  I feel rested.  I feel focused.  I’m sleeping more!  Instead of sleeping six or less, I’m sleeping seven to eight [hours].’
  • Zeo Sleep Coach program provides a wider range of useful and informative data for strategies development, goals enhancement, and a better understanding of sleep disorders.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach website is very user friendly, informative, and provides useful guidance particularly to new customers.  Its website also has a Sleep Info Center where knowledge about sleep disorders can be maximized.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach kit is amazingly unobtrusive it is barely noticeable, if at all, thus it won’t disrupt your sleeping style.
  • Zeo has a 30-day money back guarantee.
Zeo Sleep Coach vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Zeo Sleep Coach)

A leading competitor of Zeo Sleep Coach is wakemate

Advantages of Zeo Sleep Coach over wakemate:

  • The Zeo Sleep Coach program is far more intensive, with a broader reach on sleep data, analysis, and improvement strategies.  It includes personalized coaching, which is strategies oriented.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach is run by a team of scientific experts on sleep variability, medical doctors and PHDs.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach provides more data on sleep patterns, and addresses the 7 root causes of sleep deprivation.  Its experts can provide valuable suggestions to improve sleep.  Wakemate is generally a device concerned of when to ideally wake you up.  It does not provide solutions to sleep disorders.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach provides a scorecard (ZQ) for how well your sleep pattern is improving towards the goals you’ve set.  Meaning, you get a better understanding of your sleep problems with Zeo Sleep Coach.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach website is far more informative, providing useful information especially to prospective customers.  It has a support center.
  • Zeo Sleep Coach has a far broader online presence.  Zeo has a blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and is tweeting (@zeo). 

Advantages of wakemate over Zeo Sleep Coach:

  • The wakemate kit has an iPhone synchronicity capability.  It supports iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
  • Wakemate is far cheaper at only $59.00.
  • Wakemate comes in very handy.  It is generally a wristband worn while asleep.  It sends data to the mobile  phone to calculate ideal waking time closest to your alarm setting. 

Other competitors of Zeo Sleep Coach are:

Zeo Sleep Coach: Product images & screenshots
Zeo Sleep Coach Coupons
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Zeo Sleep Coach: Detailed review

Zeo Inc. is formerly known as Axon Labs.  Students at Brown University, who were sleep-deprived and believed that a restful sleep influences wakeful activities throughout the day, developed methods of sleep improvements and sleep data analysis in order to track the progress or improvement of an individual’s sleep patterns.  Zeo Inc. advisory board includes experts in sleep pathology, scientists, medical doctors and PhDs. 

Individuals who need this product, and can enormously benefit from it, are:

  • Those who suffer from insomnia.
  • Those who have trouble falling asleep.
  • Those who wake at intervals throughout the night, or those who have trouble staying asleep.
  • Those who wake up in the middle of the night and can no longer fall asleep again.
  • Those who wake up neither rejuvenated nor restored.
  • Those who wish to retain overall comfort while in the program and value accuracy as far as sleep data is concerned.  As Undertaker of Toronto, ON commented recently (12/09/2010): “Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.  Works fine.  Comfortable to wear during sleep.  Reasonably accurate.”  And R. Hirsch of Chicago: “The headband is amazingly non-obtrusive (who would think you could sleep with something like that on your head???)  I sleep on my side and stomach and did not notice the sensor at all.
  • Those who are eager to learn more about their sleep disorder, in order to find ways to sleep better and gain restorative energy for waking moments.  As R. Hirsh of Chicago comments: “I am anxious to see my true sleep pattern to see if I am getting adequate restorative sleep and try some biofeedback to improve my daytime energy levels.

As its name suggests, Zeo Sleep Coach proposes the idea that sleep can be managed through proper guidance.  In any medical endeavor, guidance should come only from experts in a particular field.  Sleep improvement as offered by Zeo Sleep Coach includes:

  • A sleep fitness program, which guides you in knowing your sleep patterns better.  This coaching program guides you in setting goals for sleep improvement, and provides you with customized strategies to achieve your goal.
  • Up to date sleep research data.
  • Recommendations on how to track the most important information relative to your sleep problems.
  • Provides you with your ZQ – which is the score of the quantity and quality of your sleep.  It also provides other useful information for sleep improvement.
  • Sleep tips and advises, sent through personalized email messages, customized according to sleep data, your lifestyle, and the goals you’ve set to improve your sleep.
  • A customized action plan against the 7 “Sleep Stealers” – the factors that deprive or minimize sleep.
  • Assignments oriented towards your goal, which should be realistic and achievable.  These assignments are tailored to fit your lifestyle, without even drastically altering your sleep patterns and style.
  • Suggested exercises to enhance sleep.

Since virtually the majority of us, who are sleep-deprived, aren’t experts in the field of sleep disorders, we can certainly benefit from Zeo Sleep Coach.  If we have tried everything else, to gain a good night’s sleep, but failed, perhaps it’s time to let the experts take over. 

James T., 29. of Langhorne, PA shares: “With Zeo, I’m totally in control of my sleep.  Zeo has made me feel healthier.  With data about my sleep habits, I’ve learned to make smart decisions about when I go to sleep and when to wake.  I have more energy during the day.”

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