Terminal Insomnia Treatment : Aromatherapy and Homeopathy to Manage Insomnia

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Terminal insomnia is a sleep disorder, where an individual may be awaken from deep sleep and may find it difficult to go back to sleep. The condition may result in symptoms like exhaution and irritability. Terminal Insomina can be managed effectively with

Terminal insomnia is a medical condition / a sleep disorder where, the person will sleep well in the initial 5 hours; and will then awaken, and find it extremely difficult to go back to sleep. As a result, he feels extremely exhausted, weary and ill-tempered and irritable.

Terminal Insomnia Causes

  1. Exhaustion is a significant cause for terminal insomnia.
  2. Allergic reactions which have a tendency to flare-up early every morning prompt the condition.
  3. By and large, light sleepers experience terminal insomnia.
  4. Strong emotions such as: extreme anger, fury, depression, worry, anxiety and dissatisfaction are important causes.

Terminal Insomnia Treatment

  • The first most important thing that you need to do is maintain a diary, regularly, so that you may exactly comprehend the cause of your ailment. Enlist all the things that have happened through the day, which could have triggered insomnia. Eventually, you will be able to understand the precise cause.
  • If possible, when you wake up, write down the thoughts that are troubling you then. Similarly, make note of various physical causes like headaches or itching or any other pain, etc.
  • Incorporate a stress-busting technique in to your daily routine. It helps fight stress, worry and fatigue. Ensure that you spend some time relaxing. Select a hobby, listen to music, have a soothing bath, read a book. These help you rejuvenate and also calm you down.
  • Essentially, sleep at the same time everyday. Quit having an erratic schedule.
  • Never watch T.V., or read a book before bed time.
  • Deep breathing exercises before lying down soothe frayed nerves and instill calmness.
  • Meditation is found to be very beneficial in reducing stress induced insomina

Homoeopathy for Terminal Insomnia

Homeopathy medicines work wonderfully at the physical and emotional level. Homeopathy drugs are made from natural extracts and exert a strong beneficial effect on the mind. Drugs such as Passiflora, Coffea Cruda, Valeriana, etc., soothe an agitated mind and suffuse extreme peace and stillness.

Aromatherapy for Terminal Insomnia

Aromatherapy essential oils have been of immense value to combat insomnia. Neroli, Lavender, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile and Clary Sage are the most potent essential oils in aromatherapy that promise to fight sleeplessness successfully.

Using aroma oils to mange terminal insomnia

  • Just before going to bed, sprinkle a few drops of Lavender essential oil on to your pillow. Lavender is calming and soothing and induces deep and peaceful sleep.
  • Have a warm bath, before retiring to be, every night. Add about 6 to 8 drops of the essential oil to your bath.
  • An aromatherapy massage, at least twice a week is decidedly beneficial in the effective management of insomnia.


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