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Rematee is designed for people who suffer from mild to moderate positional sleep apnea. It is a device that holds your body into a position that is best suited for restful sleep, without causing discomfort or pain. By using it, people who struggle with this insomnia can have restful sleep from the very first night. The device allows the body to conform to a position that makes for more restful sleep.

  • It is an effective positional solution for people who have breathing problems while they sleep
  • You do not have to worry about having to work its way down your body during the night because it is fitted with adjustable shoulder straps that help to keep it in place.
  • It comes with inflatable bumpers which can be fully customized to meet your needs
  • It eliminates snoring by forcing you to stay on your side. It keeps you in this position straight through the night, so you sleep better and your partner is not disturbed.
Rematee: What makes it different?

Rematee offers several advantages to consumers

  • It is flexible
  • The device is no tight or constricting. It fits into place loosely around your chest so that you can breathe easily.
  • It is a non-invasive solution and works from the outside in
  • It is made from Neoprene, which makes it soft, yet durable.
  • It can be used with other methods of treatment if necessary, without conflicting with them
  • The product is affordable
  • It comes with a guarantee which customers have tested and found that the company does live up to
  • They have good customer service and the representatives can help you to decide if the product will work for you. There are some people who will experience the best results with other methods.
  • It is comfortable
  • It is an effective alternative for people who have mild apnea. If you have apnea only when you are laying down on your back, it can help you to experience relief
  • It starts working the moment you put it on
  • There are four different sizes to choose from so you are sure to find the one that is ideal for your body
  • The features are fully customizable so if you want to change something, you can
  • Rematee is recommended by over 1,700 sleep doctors
Rematee vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Rematee)

Rematee competes with Zzoma and Sona Pillow. All three of these companies make positional sleep devices that help with sleep apnea.


  • It is medical device which is cleared by the FDA for this purpose
  • It is less costly than CPAP therapy
  • Works well for people whose snoring is mostly supine
  • Zzoma costs $189.95 which is more than Rematee's price
  • It comes in only one size but has adjustable straps

Sona Pillow

  • Sona Pillow is clinically tested and can stop or decrease snoring
  • Its patented design encourages side sleeping
  • Whether you prefer to sleep on your left or right side the device can work for you
  • It is manufactured using a hypoallergenic filler
  • It has been assigned 501k by the FDA
  • A Sona Pillow with a bonus pillowcase costs $49.99


Rematee: Pricing & packages
  • Rematee’s device costs $108.78
  • It is a suitable alternative to tongue ablation treatment and other more invasive and uncomfortable methods of dealing with mild sleep apnea
  • It is way better than using a CPAP machine in terms of cost, comfort and other factors
  • It you have a problem with sizing; exchanges will be done for free once you send it back. Their customer service agents are friendly and eager to help you find the products that will work best for you.
  • People who buy Rematee benefit from a 100% money back guarantee
  • Purchases are also covered by a one year warranty
  • Persons who have a chest larger than 50” may also purchase an extension strap
  • Rematee also has contour leg pillows for $29.99 and the Rematee contour pillow for $39.99.
  • Whether you prefer to wear the adjustable neoprene belt directly next to your skin or over lingerie or pajamas, it will still fit properly and be effective
Rematee: Product images & screenshots
Rematee Coupons
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Rematee: Customer reviews & comments

“I have mild apnea (13.7 AHI) that is entirely when in supine position (lying on my back). So, my doctor recommended a positional product. After scouring the internet for such things, this was the most promising one. I wanted the t-shirt, but the Rematee lady said the shirt stretched out after a while, so they didn't recommend it - though they still make them. They also said that they no longer sell the "belt" without the "shoulder strap" suspenders that hold it in place (but they haven't updated their amazon listing yet).

I find the belt with the shoulder straps to be comfortable and it seems to keep me on my side as far as I can tell. So far so good. They should update this info, though.

Before using this product, one should have a sleep study (if possible) because this product may not work for you if you don't have most of your issues while supine. A cpap machine may be needed, or you may be taking a chance with your life. If you snore you may have bigger problems than just snoring. Before buying a CPAP machine, or this belt - see a doctor!”


Mar, 2012

“I bought this directly from the manufacturer. I HATE my APAP machine and in fact have had my doctors remove me from it due to permanent hearing loss as a result of recurring sinus infection I never had in my 62 years prior to CPAP....I also have a high degree of positional sleep apnea so wanted to try this to help reduce my AHI numbers. I found it VERY well constructed and made of high quality material. I also ordered the optional shoulder straps which I feel are needed to even have a chance of making this work successfully.

It did EXACTLY as promised for me as well. But I returned it and got a prompt refund and that also speaks volumes to me about the honesty & integrity of this company! What MY problem was is I have has so many major surgeries due to War, spinal & cervical damage, I have simply been too cut up in too many places to be "comfortable" with this device. It worked SO well for me however I am ordering just the inflatable "bumpers" when I can afford to (directly from Rematee) to have my wife experiment with sewing them into home made "pockets" on the back of old tee shirts. It still may cause me too much discomfort but not breathing in my sleep has already caused me heart damage too so I need to attempt some kind of solution. I personally trust this company completely and all you lose is some shipping if you are disappointed. “

USMC Combat Vet “Retired’

Nov, 2011

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