Natural and Effective Ways to Beat Insomnia

This article is about overcoming insomnia using natural methods.

Lying awake at night staring at the ceiling is a regular and problematic occurrence for millions of people. Suffering from insomnia is no laughing matter. It can cause irritability, stress, poor performance at work and may lead to depression if it goes on for a long period. Are you tired of being tired? The good news is that insomnia can be overcome, but depending on pills isn't the answer. The best way to get sufficient rest would be to make some changes in your lifestyle.

It's no surprise that people who are hooked on stimulants won't sleep well, and caffeine is a big culprit in sleep deprivation. If you're swallowing several cups of coffee a day you won't get a good night's rest. Drinking a caffeinated beverage after dinner is particularly bad. Some teas also contain caffeine. Instead, try chamomile tea. If you don't care for herbal products, drink a warm cup of milk with some nutmeg or cinnamon before bedtime. A chemical in the milk known as tryptophan, also found in Thanksgiving turkeys, is a sleep inducing amino acid. Consider laying off the caffeine for a while and see what happens.

A good place to tackle insomnia is in the bedroom. The temperature in this part of your house should be slightly cool; anywhere between sixty and seventy degrees Fahrenheit. If the room is too cold, you'll be shivering all night. If it's too hot, you'll be sweaty and restless. Wear a pair of light, cotton pajamas that absorb moisture and create less friction against the skin.

Putting a television in a bedroom can get in the way of sleep. Many programs excite the senses, and that's exactly the opposite of what should happen before going to bed. The local news will leave you stressed out, and a horror movie will make you nervous about turning off the lights. Avoid bringing work related items into the bedroom, including day planners, laptops or cell phones. One phone call late at night will be all that's needed to disrupt sleep.

When you exercise, the brain increases deep sleep as a way to make up for the physical strain endured by the body. Exercise is good for you but working out in the evening will make you alert and your brain won't have time to calm down. Even if your body says it's time to go to sleep, your mind will not. Try to finish exercising at least three to four hours before bed.

Stress can make sleeping even more difficult. Thinking that you won't be able to sleep is a big mistake. If you're lying in bed for a half an hour and still can't sleep, get up and do something until you feel drowsy. It's also important to go to bed and get up at the same times every day. Having a good sleep is mostly about routine. Take over the counter medication only as a last resort. If taken too long you could end up relying on them. 




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